The Birth of Planet Thunk?

The Birth of Planet Thunk!

Accuracy Communicator Creative Thinker Motivator Perseverance Problem Poser Reflector Teamworker

Many years ago Planet Thunk was a busy, exciting place, and Thunkonians used to love learning and thinking of new ideas. However over time the ideas dried up and Thunkonians forgot how to learn. No-one really knows why this happened. The rulers of Thunk were worried about their planet. There were no new inventions because Thunkonians didn’t have any new ideas. There were lots of wars because Thunkonians forgot how to work together as a team and how to talk clearly to each other. If jobs were tiring or difficult the Thunkonians just gave up, so buildings didn’t get finished and cars were left broken. No-one asked any questions or tried to work out why the planet had lost its interest in learning.

The rulers travelled around the planet, hoping that someone or something would help them to bring learning back to Thunk. On their travels they came across a little island and discovered that some of the Thunkonians on this island had not forgotten all the ideas from the past. They met seven Thunkonians who agreed to help them to teach the rest of the planet how to learn again.

There was Accuracy, who always checked everything to make sure it was right, and changed things that she wasn’t happy with. Perseverance, who never gave up on jobs no matter how difficult they were. Creative Thinker, who used her senses to look closely at everything around her, and loved thinking of different ways to solve problems. Team Worker, who always worked with others; he listened to what they had to say and enjoyed sharing their ideas. Communicator, who loved to explain things clearly and concisely. Problem Poser, who was always asking questions, and Reflector who liked using information from the past to plan for the future. Together they formed a ‘Super Learning Team’ (SLT for short) and taught Thunkonians how to learn again. Thanks to them Thunk is an exciting planet again, full of Thunkonians who use their brain to learn in different ways.

The SLT have come to Monnow School to help you with your learning. If you can’t work in a group and keep having arguments, Team Worker will help you. If you find it difficult to talk about your work you can get help from Communicator. If there’s a problem you want to solve and you’re out of ideas then ask Creative Thinker.  The SLT is here to help you to become ‘Super Learners’!