Forest School

Off we go to forest school ...

Ysgol Coedwig

Forest School is enjoyed by every class every week, even when it’s raining! We learn all sorts of things about science, literacy, maths and other school subjects and use it as an outdoor classroom. However our favourite activities are probably the life skills we learn like using tools and lighting a fire safely to do some cooking. Hot chocolate has to be the school favourite!


Orienteering is a fun and exciting way of developing and strengthening a number of skills. These include navigation skills, communication, team work and problem solving.

It is an outdoor activity that involves the navigation of a set course using a map or clues that can be run competitively or walked. The aim is to find check points in the correct order as a team.

Courses that are set up are adjusted to suit each year group. They may be set up indoors using the school halls or run outdoors on the playgrounds and through the forest school area. For the upper KS2 classes the whole school grounds are used including forest school to add an extra challenge.