Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

Planning of the curriculum 

We have created a 2-year context cycle with broad overarching concepts to allow freedom within each theme for learners to have ownership and influence the learning in responding to a concept provocation. The concepts are captured in our long-term overview and the medium-term planning refers to the ‘What matters statements. 

Following the teaching and learning route map staff discuss with learners what they would like to learn and how they would like to learn in response to a provocation. The learners are encouraged to work both collaboratively and independently.  


Teachers use the six AoLE documents and what matters statements to plan learning opportunities that introduce or support the practice of skills, knowledge and experiences they need to realise the core purposes. 


Literacy ( English and Welsh) language, numeracy and digital competency skills are weaved throughout the context to support learners to apply and extend these skills in a meaningful, authentic context. 


The Areas of Learning which are instrumental to our curriculum design. 

  • Expressive Arts 

  • Health and well-being 

  • Humanities 

  • Languages, literacy and communication 

  • Mathematics and numeracy 

  • Science and technology 


‘Statements of What Matters’ provide the design detail 

Each of the six areas of learning and Experience (AOLE) has ‘Statements of What Matters’ identified which shape learning for all children from 3 – 16. These statements are designed to encapsulate what meters to our learners now and when they grow up. Teachers refer to the what matters statements each term when planning for the term’s thematic concepts to support our children to think and be curious about what they are learning and how each concept links to another, both in life and in the world of work. 

Our curriculum will provide rich authentic learning experiences to develop the key concepts, knowledge and skills as described in the statements of matters and in line with the Statements of What Matters Code 

Our curriculum promotes progression in learning, establishing the foundations and promoting the needs for connections in the application of skills that has been learned.