Progression and Assessment

Progression and Assessment

Principles of Progression and Assessment 

Our curriculum design takes account of the 5 ‘principles of progression’ and our ‘Route Maps’ detail how we implement the pedagogical principles (see Teaching and Learning Route map – Hyperlink) as well as providing the guidance for excellent teaching in a high-quality learning environment. As a school we continue to reflect upon, share and develop our teaching practices which are cognisant with the professional teaching standards and based on our understanding of the twelve pedagogical principles set out in the curriculum for wales framework. 

Our children will move across the curriculum from the age of three starting from progression step 1 moving across the continua into progression step 2 and 3 and then on into progression steps 4 and 5. 

Our curriculum, supported by effective teaching and learning enables our children to make meaningful progress. Overtime our learners will develop and improve their skills and knowledge.  


Assessment for the next steps in learning  

Our curriculum focuses on what it means to make progress in an area of learning and experience. We plan to deepen and broaden our learner’s knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and dispositions, which is informed by the progression code. This is turn supports our approach to assessment. Assessment for learning is key to know where children are in their learning and this is used to inform planning for their next steps in learning. (see progress and assessment route map) 

Assessment is viewed in our curriculum design as an intrinsic part of the teaching and learning process, which go hand in hand together. The children are very much part of this process and are coached as reflective learners who have ownership of this ongoing process.