Welcome to Monnow Primary School

Our aim is to identify and develop the innate gifts and emerging talents of every pupil by providing positive challenges, a nurturing environment and visionary professionals. To create a lifelong learning community of young thinkers who will respond to the future, embrace it and enjoy the experience.

Our vision is to build our pupil's future by meeting the educational needs of today; it is our endeavour to provide an innovative, dynamic creative curriculum delivered by innovative skilled experts.

We utilise the concept of individualized learning with a differentiated curriculum, by implementing a child initiated Learning approach. Where learning is not mistaking information for wisdom, where pupils do not experience education of the past but education that will equip them for the future; where they are securely positioned at the fore front of learning.

At Monnow Primary School learning is positively encouraged and not imposed, questioning is encouraged and every idea or dream is treated as a valued resource. Every child is made to understand that he/she is special in their own way. Where learning is treated as a fun-filled journey in an environment, where imaginations flourish and accomplishment guaranteed.

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience

Rhod Gilbert visited our school as part of his Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience Show.

Rhod was overwhelmed by the inspirational attitude of the teachers, and described the school as "one hell of a place".

The comedian said: "It was the most inspirational three days of my life by a mile. There's an element to teaching that I loved, which is imparting knowledge and information to kids, watching them learn and being hopefully a force for good in their lives. That is incredibly inspirational, moving, and the most wonderful privilege."


"The teachers at the school where I was placed were committed down to their very last drop of energy and passion. They were phenomenal and the school was awesome."

"I was only at Monnow for three days, but I'm going to go back there and help out, because I felt like I had an impact. It was sensational. The best thing I've ever done."

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