Planet Thunk

What is Planet Thunk?

Planet Thunk was developed as a means of encouraging pupils at Monnow School to become independent thinkers and learners. The story of Planet Thunk tells how many years ago Thunkonians suddenly forgot how to learn, and as a consequence, the planet ground to a halt. However, eight Thunkonians from a remote island had special personalities which enabled them to retain the ability to learn and develop. They set about re-educating their fellow Thunkonians, and soon the planet became more prosperous than ever before.

These characters are called: Problem Poser, Creative Thinker, Miss Motivator, Perseverance, Communicator, Accuracy, Reflector and Team Worker. They have now come to Earth to pass on their knowledge of learning to the pupils of Monnow Primary School.


Planet Thunk 002