Language, Literacy and Communication

Language, Literacy and Communication

Since being literate is one of the most important life skills in our lives we pride ourselves in ensuring all children at Monnow Primary School experience a rich, lively and broad spectrum of all aspects of Literacy.

Our readers learn to read using a proven phonics scheme. This involves an intense daily routine of practising sound and letter recognition, building up through a series of colour coded books of increasing complexity. The children love to learn to read using this method and its quick & fun pace keeps the children completely involved.

Once the children have completed the series of phonic based books, we then introduce them to Guided Reading. This involves a rigorously structured approach to reading a book. The pupils will, in the space of a week, experience reading with their teacher, follow up reading directed by the teacher, questioning and answering in an increasingly more detailed structure and an analysis of what they have read. This approach we feel deepens the children’s knowledge and understanding of character, purpose and plot, and therefore enhances and furthers their enjoyment of reading and discussion.

All our children experience a broad coverage of different types of writing such as: letter writing, newspapers, storytelling, retells, instructions and many other genres.  This allows a comprehensive coverage of the many different types and purposes of writing. Our approach is also underpinned by the Pie Corbett method of writing, this lets the children become fully engaged in the whole writing process.  Using an enjoyable and immersive technique the pupils will use drama, speaking (oracy) and mapping to allow a fully creative understanding of the work they have studied.

The importance of talk in our school cannot be understated, during every learning session the pupils are expected to fully partake in talking about what they have understood, developing their opinions in small groups and on their own. The need to listen to what others have said and that that may influence what they think. These ideas about Literacy are embedded throughout the school.