Big Maths

Big Maths


Big Maths is a teaching method that makes progress in maths easy and fun for for children and for teachers. Big Maths has been met with huge success across the UK and internationally. Thousands and thousands of children now learn through Big Maths everyday and take part in a 'Big Maths, Beat That!' challenge every week.

Big Maths firstly answers the question. 'How do we get children properly numerate as they journey through school?' The children will be following a framework that guarantees numeracy progress and this framework is know as CLIC (Counitng, Learn Its, It's Nothing New and Calculation) and is it follows accurate steps of progression (known as progress drives).

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Click the links below to download Big Maths Support Sheets for Parents/ Guardians

Maths Support Year 1

Maths support Year 2

Maths Support Year 3

Maths Support Year 4

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Maths Support Year 6