Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Posted  Monday 09 September, 2019

I hope you have enjyed a wonderful summer. I also hope you are relaxed, recharged and ready to start a new school year. I am so delighted that you are part of our amazing learning community. I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education, and I look forward to working with you and your children. 

All signs point to another incredible and productive school year. Our skilled and devoted staff are already planning and preparing for your child. 

Our hard working and conscientious team have spent the entire summer throughouly cleaning the facility, and our much appreciated Friends of Monnow are gearing up to welcome families, provide volunteer oppurtunities, and offer other exciting events and programs. 

New Staff

Each year brings positive change. This includes a few additions to our staff. We are delighted to welcome Mrs Burgham, Mr Marr, Mrs Morrison, Mrs Griffiths and Mr Taylor. 

It remains an honour and privilege to serve as your Head Teacher. Please stop by and say hello. Together, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all children. 

Warmest Regards

Mrs Echeverry