Whale Done

What is Whale Done?

Have you ever wondered how the trainers at Sea World get the Killer Whales to perform tricks  such as jumping through rings or balancing a human on their nose?   The trainers explain how they constantly catch the Whales doing things right and then reward that behaviour. This builds trust and a positive relationship with the whale.   If the killer whale does not demonstrate the correct behaviour at first, attention is given to what  they are doing right, rather than focussing on the negative.

Adults and children perform better when you accentuate the positive and redirect the negative.  At Monnow Primary School, we focus on, and reward the positive behaviour shown by our learners.  The More attention you give a behaviour , the more likely it is to be repeated. As  children show a commitment to behaving well , they are rewarded with a ‘Whale Done’ Token.  These in turn can be spent in the Whale Done Shop on toys or fun stationary.