Music at Monnow

At Monnow, we are lucky to have a large group of very talented musicians. Last year we started a new incentive in the form of a school orchestra. During the orchestra sessions, learners were able to learn and develop new skills using a variety of different instruments including taiko drums, ukuleles, glockenspiels, recorders and many more. This is an activity which will be running throughout this year.

As usual, last year our school choir were outstanding. They took part in several performances both inside and outside of school. The choir will be running once again this term.

In music this year we are very lucky to have an external tutor coming in every Thursday to lead a new programme of musical activities. The Upbeat Music and Arts team will be working with different groups of pupils to develop their skills in samba drumming, taiko drumming, glockenspiel and electronic composition. This is a very exciting time for music at Monnow, one which we are all looking forward to. 

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