Monnow Academy

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Monnow Academy

At Monnow Academy, we offer the children the opportunity to develop their interests and skills in a number of areas. In a weekly session, children choose a workshop to participate in. A mini-academy is offered to reception children and full academy involves all children from year 1 to year 6.

Children’s unique talents are identified in situations other than a traditional curriculum, in addition to fostering new friendships across year groups. Social, emotional and life skills are supported by a pre-planned set of skills relevant to the child’s chosen academy workshop

We also capitalise on the wealth of expertise and interests of the teachers and support staff at school, offering a range of traditional and unconventional activities.

Here is a sample of workshops offered at Monnow Academy

Forest School Story Telling Fitness
Drama Jewellery Making Circus
ICT and Newspaper Photography Chess and Board Games
Football Chinese French
Netball Street Dance Welsh Dancing
Guitar Piano Party Planning
Art and Design Sewing and Weaving Cookery
IMG 4065 Art 1