At Monnow we encourage the children to speak and to learn as much Welsh as possible. Incidental Welsh is used throughout the school for instructions, requests and praise. The pupils use these phrases as well as the teachers.

Welsh Assemblies

We have a weekly Welsh Assembly where the children are given a Welsh phrase which they need to use that week in school. New Welsh games are also introduced during the assembly so that they can be used in Caffi Cymraeg, Welsh ‘Ping Pong’ is a favourite of the pupils.

We are also introducing famous Welsh people into the assemblies so that the pupils can know about people who have contributed to Wales’ success.

We are all very proud to be Welsh at Monnow and the assemblies teach the children about being patriotic and to be proud of our country.

Caffi Cymraeg

Both Key Stage 2 and Foundation Phase have a ‘Caffi Cymraeg’ area. Caffi Cymraeg is where the pupils go to have their morning fruit and milk. During this time they are encouraged to speak Welsh with their peers, using the phrases that they have been taught in lessons. There are also lots of Welsh phrases and books displayed in Caffi Cymraeg to support the children with their conversations.

In the afternoon sessions Caffi Cymraeg is used to continue developing the Welsh language through Welsh games and more conversation.

The pupils thoroughly enjoy accessing Caffi Cymreag and we have seen improvements throughout the school of the Welsh that the pupils use independently and with each other.

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