Croeso i Dosbarth Topaz

Mrs R Mackay (Year 4/5)

Our topic this term has been to looking at Growth Mindset and the ways in which we learn. We have been very busy looking at all the different strategies to help develop our learning as well as using the Planet Thunk Characters to help us. Even the teachers have been using their Growth Mindset to learn to play the guitar. Throughout our board meeting we decided on the different activities we could complete, and linking them to all areas of the curriculum. In literacy we have been writing stories all about Growth Mindset . In maths, we have been looking at problem solving to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills.



 Growth Mindset 3





Thinking challenge: Use the Disadvantages Key to think about the disadvantages of having a fixed mindset. What improvements could you make?

Creative challenge: Use the dot art technique to create a dot art picture. Was it difficult to create a picture using only dots? Complete a reflection bubble.



We have been using ICT in lots of our lessons this term. We have been using Mathletics to challenge ourselves with our quick mental calculations. We have even challenged children in different countries! We have also used the green screen to film and animate our very own film. We used Windows Movie Maker to edit our film. We will show these in our very own film festival


We improve our Welsh skills every day for half an hour. We have been looking at ways to extend sentences by giving opinions. We have also been choosing a Helpwr Heddiw every morning to practise our Welsh conversation skills. As well as this, we have made sure that our Criw Cymraeg are encouraging Welsh conversation inside and outside of the classroom.


This term we have been learning songs that the teachers are learning to play on the guitar, these include Colours of Day, Grandma’s Feather Bed and song of each groups choice! We look forward to performing these in assembly with our groups. We will also be learning songs for the Strawberry Tea Party at the end of the summer term.

Ysgol Coedwig

In Ysgol Coedwig we have been completing some science do with plants. We have looked at what plants need to grow and have even chosen specific spots in forest school to plant the flowers and monitor their growth. We have had lots of fun conducting minibeast hunts as well.


We have been completing STEM activities daily in our discovery room. We have been using our engineering skills to build free standing towers out of a range of materials as well as creating many different items for our shop, such as shelves to display our products and our very own wrapping paper.

In science we have been completing various investigations and developing our skills in writing investigations. We will predict what we think will happen and create generalisations to discuss our findings.


This term our PE lessons will involve fitness, health and well-being, we will look at how we can plan daily physical activities through opportunities in the school and the community. We will also find out how exercise benefits the body. We will ensure that we meet the skills through dance, by exploring different creative movements. Throughout the lessons we have been evaluating our technique and setting targets for improvement.