Croeso i Dosbarth Tanzanite

Croeso i Dosbarth Tanzanite

Spring Term 2017




                                                 Welsh Dragon


Our focus for this Spring half term will be Welsh Culture and Heritage. We will be looking at inspirational Welsh people including Famous Women, such as Shirley Bassey, Scientists and Artists. We will also be looking at how we can exercise our brain to help us try new things.  We will be working on changing our attitudes towards tricky problems and thinking about the importance of “sticking with it!”

We will be celebrating World Book Day on the 20th March and also working towards our competition entries for our Eisteddfod.

We are very interested in what is going on in the World around us and regularly watch News round.   


Thinking Challenge:


Watch the video clip and create a question key with at least 6 questions you would like to know the answers to (about St David) 

Use your white thinking hat to write about the facts you found out and what you discovered that interested you the most.

Creative challenge:

  • Can you create a 3D model to represent an important part of Wales, using recycled materials.
  • Can you draw a famous landmark in Wales.
  • Can you create a new creature that has been discovered living in a mountain in South Wales.




This term we will be learning about Internet Safety rules.

We will be using reading eggs during Literacy lessons to develop our reading and writing skills. During maths lessons we will be exploring Mathletics and completing tasks set by our class teacher.

The afternoons will be based around the programme ‘Purple Mash’ where we will be learning how to use programmes such as 2type and many more.


Cymraeg  Flic And Flac

We improve our Welsh skills every day for half an hour. We continue to follow our Fflic a Fflac programme which we thoroughly enjoy!    We will learning to say where an objects is e.g. Ble mae Tedi?

Yn y bocs- In the box

Ar y bocs –On the box

Wrth y bocs –By the box

O flaen bocs –In front of the box

O dan bocs –Under the box



Upbeat Music will be coming into school every other Tuesday afternoon to deliver a programme of music relating to our learning in class. We will continue to follow Charanga, which is an online music programme that teaches music appreciation whilst developing our interest in pace, rhythm and tempo.  We also enjoy learning new Welsh songs and playing percussion instruments as an accompaniment.

Physical Development

We will be learning some new parachute games and keeping up our daily fine and gross motor skills work.  Now the weather is getting better we can enjoy exploring more of the outdoors and using the large apparatus.  We will be improving our co-ordination through ball skills and riding the bikes.


Our Discovery Room is open all day every day for all children. It provides opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We have weekly activities available which the children choose it our planning meetings every Friday. We ensure the children get to experience practical maths, Art and science when exploring this room.

Ysgol Coedwig

In Forest School we will be exploring photography, we are interested in taking natural photos of our beautiful Forest School. We will be taught how to change the pictures into black and write as well as add enhancements to them. We will also be experimenting with mud paintings and using natural materials for writing and mathematical work.


In Dosbarth Tanzanite, the children plan the learning with the teacher. All of the children’s ideas are explored with enthusiasm.  We love taking risks and trying new things. All our teachers are currently learning to play the guitar!