Croeso i Dosbarth Ruby

Croeso i Dosbarth Ruby


For the first few weeks of this term we will be learning about ‘Dinosaurs’ . In addition to this our main focus will be ‘All things Welsh’ and finding out about famous Welsh people. Our ‘Welsh woman in history’ is Betsi Cadwalidr, the ‘Welsh artist’ is Martyn Evans and the ‘Welsh scientist’ is Paleontologist Cindy Howells, who helped identify the teeth and bones of the ‘Welsh Dragon’ dinosaur discovered on a beach in Wales back in 2014. As you can imagine the class are very excited! We will also be introducing Mindfulness and developing ‘The Power of Yet’ which encourages children to try new things and not to give up. This will be explored through the book ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds.

                                                                Teresa Dot

During our class board meeting we discussed the things we wanted to find out and what we wanted to make. We came up with so many ideas that we have produced an overview for the half term. See our 'Curriculum Outlines' page to see what we chose to cover. 

So far, the children have created a ‘Dino Diner’ in the role-play area and made saltdough food which they have enjoyed dishing up to their customers. The children have also been busy in the Discovery room and made cave paintings using charcoal and skeleton collages using bones (cotton buds) which they have loved doing. We have even made a giant dinosaur for the book cwtch that they need to climb into to be able to read books!

Take a look at here at ‘Dinosaurs love underpants’ one of the many books we will be covering during the term, I’m sure you will enjoy it just as much as your child!

       Teresa Dinosaur


Cymraeg - Welsh

Flic And FlacWe will continue to follow our Fflic and Fflac programme to learn Welsh    
and do this daily at 12pm. We like to learn Welsh by singing songs, counting,naming colours  and shapes and using incidental Welsh such as greetings like ‘Bore da’ (Good Morning) or ‘Prynhawn Da’ (Good afternoon).                    

This term our new Welsh language patterns will be: Wyt ti’n hoffi …? Ydw. (Do you like …? Yes.) Pwy sy eisiau …? (Who wants …?) Mae’n bwrw glaw (It’s raining) Ble mae …? (Where is/are …?)


We listen to, sing and perform the actions to our favourite songs and rhymes throughout the day. After our morning break we have Maths and are learning to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s using music videos. Take a look at this link and you can join in too!

We are lucky and have weekly music sessions on a Friday afternoon, with Miss Lewis from Upbeat. She comes to sing with us and teach us about rhythm and dance. She brings in some lovely fluffy animal cushions for us to sit on and we have so much fun while she is here. We love these lessons!


Our PE day this term is a Thursday. During PE lessons we will be focusing on games and using gross motor skills to help with balance and coordination. We will also be using bikes and scooters, wobble boards and practising our ball skills by throwing and receiving. Throughout the lessons we will be looking at how our bodies change when exercising. 

Our main targets are to change into our kits independently, listen carefully to and follow instructions. We are so excited to continue using a giant parachute to play games and have fun whilst exercising!


Ysgol Coedwig 

We love being outdoors in Forest School and go out every week! In our sessions we will be exploring the environment and looking out for signs of spring. We will also being doing some fun activities like Hide and Seek, Shelter Building for an animal, crown weaving, make bookmarks with the natural items we collect and of course we will go on a Dinosaur hunt!

We are lucky enough to have a vegetable patch in our class outdoor area and have made a good start on weeding it. We will soon be ready to start planting seeds and growing them indoors before transferring them outdoors. We are looking forward to seeing the vegetables and salad grow big and trying them for ourselves!



Our Discovery Room is open all day and provides opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We encourage the children to say what activities they would like to have in there and link them to our topic. Alongside these ideas the children will develop their shape, space and measure skills, fine motor skills such as scissor control and also being creative with the use of paint, charcoal, pastels and clay.


ICT homework

So far this term we have been learning how to write and send emails, as well as add pictures we have drawn and document attachments.

All children have had a login and password for Reading eggs and Mathletics. These are the programmes we use in school on the computers that the children are familiar with for literacy and numeracy. Please help your child to log on to a computer, tablet or phone to have a look around.

Here are the links for you to follow.

The more you can do with your child at home, the easier it will be for them to continue in school!