Croeso i Dosbarth Moonstone

Croeso i Dosbarth Moonstone

Mrs Mancino and Mrs Deacon


           Welsh Dragon           Spring Term 2 2017   Welsh Dragon


Our focus for this spring half term will be Welsh Heritage. We will be looking at inspirational Welsh people including Women, Scientists and Artists such as Anthony Williams, who drew pictures for the Marvel comics. We will also be introducing and developing The Power of Yet which encourages children to try new things and not to give up and to hopefully teach them to understand that although they feel like they cannot do certain things, they can’t do it “yet”. We will be celebrating World Book Day and also working towards our competition entries for our Eisteddfod. Alongside these topics, the children’s ideas will be considered as and when they arise, At the end of Spring 1, the children showed an interest in dinosaurs so this will be our topic for the first couple of weeks. Here are the childrens ideas:

                                      Child Led Topic Web

                                          Dinosaur Roar!


                                       Authentic Learning



Thinking Challenge:

Watch the Story “Dinosaur Roar” by Paul Stickland.

Use your What If Key (2)      Key to answer the following question.

 What ifthere were dinosaurs alive today?




Think about the benefits of having dinosaurs alive today

 Are there any good things about Dinosaurs?

Are there any things you like about Dinosaurs and why?



Creative challenge: look at these ideas!

Sara Pasta 2Sara Pasta



 Sara Pasta 3



 Can you use pasta to create a picture of a Dinosaur? You can use all different types of pasta. You could even invent your own terrifying dinosaur. Roarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!



This term we will be using the Beebots. We will be practising to move the Beebots around our classroom and around obstacles. We will be looking at directions and Algorithms.

We will be developing our mouse control skills while exploring Purple Mash and Simple City.  We will learning how to save our work on Purple Mash and sharing our work with our friends.

We will also be learning how to send an email within a safe forum within the school, remembering our Internet Safety rules.


CymraegFlic And Flac

We continue to follow our Fflic a Fflac programme which we thoroughly enjoy!    We will learning to ask:

Ga i’r..?                          May I have the……?

Ble rwyt ti’n byw?         Where do you live?

Pa liw?                           Which colour?

Sawl?                             How many?

Ble mae’r..?                   Where is the..?

Mawr a Bach                  Big and small

Pa Siâp?                        Which shape?


We are becoming confident to ask to use the toilet in Welsh “ga i fynf i toiled?”

We are even beginning to develop our writing skills in Welsh and have set up a Welsh writing area in our classroom!



Upbeat Music will be coming into school every Friday afternoon to deliver a programme of music relating to our learning in class. We will continue to follow Charanga, which is an online music programme that teaches music appreciation whilst developing our interest in pace, rhythm and tempo.


In PE lessons this term we will be focusing on games, our main target is to continue to listen carefully to and follow instructions during our PE lessons.  We will be developing our ball skills whilst improving on our team building skills by playing team games. We love being active!



Our Discovery Room is open all day every day for all children It provides opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We are child led in reception and so the children are encouraged to say what activities they would like to have in our Discovery area. Alongside these ideas the children will be developing their shape space and measure skills, physical development such as scissor skills and also they will be embracing their creative side through the use of paint and clay.

Ysgol Coedwig

In Forest School we will be investigating the new wild life that Spring time has to offer. We will be studying the trees while they change and adorn new life. We will be making natural paint brushed to use in our outdoor area and paint from berries to use for art creations. We will be collecting twigs and branches to make frames for our outdoor area.


In Dosbarth Moonstaone, the children lead the learning. All of the children’s ideas are explored with enthusiasm. The children are in charge and we have so much fun learning through our play and exploration!



 Sara QuoteSara Quote 2Sara Quote 3