Croeso i Dosbarth Emerald

Mrs G Dickerson (Year 5/6)


 Growth Mindset

Our topic this term has been to looking at Growth Mindset and the ways in which we learn. We have been very busy looking at all the different strategies to help develop our learning as well as using the Planet Thunk Characters to help us. Even the teachers have been using their Growth Mindset to learn to play the guitar. Throughout our board meeting we decided on the different activities we could complete, and linking them to all areas of the curriculum. In literacy we have been writing stories all about Growth Mindset . In maths, we have been looking at problem solving to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills.




Thinking Challenge: Variation Key

Use the variation key to write as many ways as you can to encourage people to perserve when they find something difficult. 

Creative Challenge: Dot Art

Use the dot art technique to complete a picture of your choice. Was it difficult to complete this picture? Complete a reflection bubble. 



This term we have been learning Welsh phrases and language patterns that will enable us to write a recount. First we used a text map and actions to help us to retell a trip to Barry Island. Once we had internalised the language patterns we were then able to write our own recounts. We do Welsh activities every day which include: reading, focus writing with the teacher, oracy activities through games and the Welsh placemats, and words to fluency.

We are also learning about the role of women in Welsh culture and heritage, and are using as much incidental Welsh as we can to try and impress the Welsh detectives.


Our P.E. day this term is Wednesday. We will be focusing on team games, including ball skills, stamina training and sequencing. 


We have been following a music programme called Charanga. We have been listening to and evaluating different genres of music and copying the features of those genres.  For example, we listened to a jazz composition and created a class jazz performance on the xylophones based on what we had heard.


Ysgol Coedwig

This term we have been looking at materials and their properties. In Forest School we were able to burn various materials and note the irreversible changes that occurred. Our next science topic is the study of plants, so Forest School will give us an abundance of specimens to collect and study.


During our Digi Den sessions we have been accessing a new spelling and reading programme called Reading Eggs. Children can use this programme at home to gain extra eggs and rewards. The children use Mathletics during maths sessions which offers a wide range of maths games and problems linked to the level they are working at in class. This can also be accessed at home. 

As well as these literacy and numeracy programmes children have been using the ICT equipment to create presentations linked to topics they have covered.



We have been very busy in our STEM rooms this term. We have used pastels to create landscape pictures in the style of the Welsh artist Helen Elliot, drawn pencil sketches of the Welsh scientist, Dianne Edwards, mixed powder paints to produce mood pictures and used water pastels to enhance imagination posters.

In science we have completed several experiments on materials, including observing and recording the properties of different solids.

Practical maths activities such as weighing and measuring also take place in the STEM room.