Homework Spring Term 2017

Your homework for the next two weeks is to complete the following activities:

Click on the hyperlinks to go to the activity

Purple Mash

Purple -mash  


Purple Mash Homework

1. Log in to your purple mash account.

2. On the home page click on 'Themes' icon

3. Click on 'Literacy', write a newspaper report about an alien invasion

4. Watch the help video if you are struggling.

Lets Go!!

Maths Ghost


Counting - Counting

Learn It's - doubling

It's Nothing New - Addition

Calculations - Addition 2d + 2d

Grammar Ghost

Grammar -ghost  

Your Grammar Ghost activities for this week are using similes and adjectives. We use similes to make our descriptions more vivid.

1. Similes

2. adjectives with 'ing' and 'ed' endings

3. Adjectives describign sentences

Thinking Ghost

Test your thinking skills by playing one of our thinking games.

Send Me Your Homework

If you complete any online work and would like to email me your homework. Please click the link below.