Croeso i Dosbarth Amber

Croeso i Dosbarth Amber






Our focus for this Summer half term will be ‘The Seaside’. The topic will be based around Geography, History and Science. We will be setting up an ice-cream shop in our role-play, so that we can make our own imaginary ice-creams, take the customers’ orders, as well as practising our money skills, with adding up prices and giving change. We will be looking at pictures of what beaches used to look like and what they look like now. Also, we’ll be focusing on animals that live in the sea and animals that live on land, to expand our knowledge on habitats.

We will also be continuing to develop ‘The Power of Yet’ which encourages us to try new things and to not give up, and help us remember that when we feel like we can’t do certain things, we just can’t do them YET.

We are looking forward to our Barry Island Trip and look forward to looking at our route to Barry Island and how long it will take us, using Google Maps.

Here is our topic web of ideas:












Thinking Challenge

Can you do a double bubble map of animals that live in the sea, animals that live on land and animals that live on both? Use the internet to help you research.

Creative Challenge

Make your own sea animal using recycled materials, look at these ideas to help you.












We will be using Reading Eggs during Literacy lessons to develop our reading and writing skills. During Maths lessons we will be exploring Mathletics and completing tasks set by our class teacher. The afternoons will be based around the programme ‘Purple Mash’ where we will be learning how to use programmes such as 2type and many more.


We will continue to follow Charanga, which is an online music programme that teaches music appreciation whilst developing our interest in pace, rhythm and tempo. This half term we are focusing on signing, and keeping in tune and in time to a variety of songs.


We continue to follow our Fflic a Fflac programme which we enjoy. We have been learning how to ask ‘Beth sy’n bod?’ (What’s the matter) and answering with ‘Mae…….tost da fi.’

We are also trying to read the time in Welsh – tri o’gloch.


In PE lessons this term we will be focusing on outdoor games. We will also be preparing for our Sports Day. The skills we will be looking at are coordination (egg and spoon), relay and flat racing.

Forest School

In Forest School we are going to be exploring our surroundings, as well as looking at map and direction skills. We will use the large space to plan routes for different groups and record them.