Meet our Teaching Team

"The teachers at the school where I was placed were committed down to their very last drop of energy and passion. They were phenomenal and the school was awesome." Rhod Gilbert.

Meryl Echeverry

Head Teacher

Claire Price

Deputy Head, Year 5/6

Class: Diamond

Lewis Allcock

Assistant Head teacher

Class: Onyx

Christian Roberts

Teacher (TLR), Reception

Class: Jet

Ruth Robinson

Teacher (TLR), LRB

Class: Tanzanite & Ruby

Richard Coombs

Teacher (TLR), Year 5/6

Class: Turquoise

Sarah Robson

Teacher, Year 5/6

Class: Diamond

Rachael Mackay

Teacher, Year 5/6

Class: Topaz

Naomi Bishop

Teacher, Year 2

Class: Opal

Michelle Sanders

Teacher, Nursery

Class: Little Gems

Louise Cartmill

Teacher Reception

Class: Pearl

Bethan Johnston

Teacher, Year 3/4

Class: Amber

Sara Mancino

Teacher Reception

Class: Moonstone

Danielle Griffiths

Teacher, Year 3/4

Class: Sapphire

Emma Cooney

Teacher, Year 4/5

Class: Coral